Season 57 Player Awards

The playoffs are underway and that means it's award voting season! Below are my thoughts on the ballot and my picks for each award. I'll be updating throughout the playoffs as I have time. AL MVP Al Perez (1B)  - 55 HR / 1.069 OPS / 3 SB Tony Martin (2B)  - 29 HR / 1.027 OPS / 65 SB Will Adkinson (RF)  - 41 HR / 1.082 OPS / 40 SB Shouta Wang (3B)  - 18 HR / .925 OPS / 69 SB Tommy Mullins (CF)  - 36 HR / .890 OPS / 19 SB This list includes 3 players from Albuquerque after a season that saw them put up 71 more Runs than any other team! I think this is really a 3 man race with Wang and Mullins on the outside. Both had excellent seasons, with Wang's 69 SB and 23+ Plays at 3B really standing out, but the top 3 players on this list really stood out. The choice between Perez, Martin, and Adikson is really a matter of what you value. Perez has the classic power numbers, with a league leading 55 HR and 158 RBI. Martin made good on his max contract by putting up a boat load of SB

NL South at the All-Star Break

Halfway through Season 57 the NL South has proven to be the most competitive Division in the League. Three teams are over the 50 Win mark and all three could see the playoffs. Apologies to Kansas City, your time is coming, but for now let's take a look at the top 3 teams. Santa Fe Surf Riders (54-31) Runs: 10th | OPS: 7th |  ERA: 9th | WHIP: 18th |  Fielding %: Tied 5th | Plus Plays - Poor Plays:  25 This is a classic Santa Fe team, lots of power in the lineup and a staff that's good enough to give them a chance in any game. The home ballpark factors have been reigned in a bit the last few seasons but 8 players still have an OPS > .800, including Edgardo Pena's 1.000+ OPS. The pitching staff is always a bit of a question mark, but this group is solid and backed by a good defense.  Division Champs 8 of the last 10 seasons, including 2 Championships, Santa Fe moved into 1st Place just before the All-Star break.  The core of this team are all over 30 and making big mon

Offseason in London

What an offseason it has been for the  London Werewolves  and their new Owner, Razor777 ! Through trades, arbitration, free agency, and call ups, the team has gone from a having playoff aspirations to  a real shot at the World Series. I've done my best to capture all the major moves and provide a little commentary below. Before we get into that, here's what I had to say about this franchise in the Forms a few weeks ago. Our next Franchise has won the pennant 7 of the last 9 years, but with three Owners in the last 3 years is in danger of falling from playoff contention. This Franchise would be a great choice for a new HBD player or an experienced Owner looking to win now. The ML squad is headlined by former MVP Philip Benard and a quality pitching staff that makes up for a lack of top end talent with depth. Defensively this team lacks any true SS or CF but does feature a couple defensive wizards behind the plate. Improving the overall lineup, both offensively and defensively, w

Season 54 Awards

Hey folks! Welcome to the first official Clemens* blog post! I'm hoping to get a post or two out each season going forward. If you have ideas for a post or would like to contribute yourself, please reach out via Trade Chat. Let's kick things off some commentary on the Season 54 awards. I'll be releasing these over the next few days as I find the time. AL MVP Joe Thomson (1B) - 50HR 146RBI 2SB .317/.383/.598 Stew Ellis (3B) - 42 HR, 110 RBI, 38 SB, .278/.334/.539 Angelys Colon (2B)  - 32 HR, 107 RBI, 24 SB, .300/.409/.554 Tony Martin (CF) - 15 HR, 72 RBI, 75 SB, .312/.393/.479 Sammy LaMarre (1B) - 18 HR, 88 RBI, 32 SB, 306/.358/.445 Thomson boasts the best OPS, HR, and RBI totals among this group while striking out just 57 times, which is why Simmy has him atop the list. Hard to argue with those numbers, however Thomson is a poor defender and baserunner, two things I really value when making my selections. Ellis, Colon, and Martin all play premium defensive positions, th


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